i know u're out there
i can feel ur eyes on me
the same influence and touch
cuz love is just 2 much
i know u're ready for me
i can feel ur hands on me
i really want u 2
but we're just 2 shy 2 speak
here on earth
all on earth
i feel
as long as u're here on earth
i know, i know u're out there
i feel u getting closer 2 me
i'm just wondering what u're waiting 4
when u know i am free
instead of ur rage, u could just page me
but that was a bridge, i just don't think i'd gauge
i like the face to face
do you want 2 do this at urs, or my place?
it's been so long
since i been with somebody
i admit
but now i'm here on earth

[Renato piano]

i know u hear me
like a whisper in ur ear
u don't have to feel me
u r the thing i hold so dear
i know u already love me
and now u're just 2 cute 2 say
somebody somewhere put u down
but that's ok, that's ok
when u feel
it's time 2 heal
nobody says
we're both here on earth

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