Imagine holding Planet Earth in the palm of your hand
With no regard for your place of birth or claim to any land
The only thing between us now is the truth we understand
If Planet Earth was in the palm of your hand
50 years from now what will they say about us here?
Did we care for the water and the fragile atmosphere?
There are only 2 kinds of folk and the difference that they make
The ones that give and the ones that take
Just like the countless bodies that revolve around the sun
Planet Earth must now come into balance with the one that caused it all to be
Then we'll see kingdom come, so shall it be written, so shall it be sung
Imagine you could rid the Earth of anyone you choose
Which ones would you need the most and which ones would you lose?
Do you want to judge another lest we be judged too?
Careful now... the next one might be you
Imagine sending your first born off to fight a war with no good reason
How it started and what they are fighting for
And if they're blessed to make it home will they still be poor?
Pray for peace right now and forever more

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