See my brother talkin'plenty head
Sready wishin' he could sleep in your bed
Steady wishin' he was in your car
Just a steady wishin'that he was who you are

Pop daddy-Daddy pop
Brother steady talkin'while
The girlies steady hop
Pop daddy-Daddy pop
Punchin' in the rock and roll clock

See all the people wonder why
You set your goals high -high as the sky
See the people runnin' from the truth
Livin' in the past
When they need 2 be livin' the new

Talk quitar talk
Daddy pop is the writer and love is the book
You better look it over before you ovelook
See all my critics wastin' time
Worryin' about the daddy while he beat u blind

Get your life 2gether-stop your cryin
Whenever you say that u can't
That's when u need to be tryin'

What kind of fool is this,that thinks that daddy will miss
What kind of boy whould dis,a list,as long as history it'self
Deep purple concord jams
This party i will slam
I don't think you understand
Whatever you can't do-Daddy can
The one and only Daddy pop

Oh no my brother there ain't no stoppin'
Check the record yeah
Poppa daddy's comin'
(Ring di di ding)somebody's calling
"The jester's on the phone"
Oh yeah'
Rossie tell him i ain't home
He just one in a long line that wanna see me

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