featuring Breeze (Tariq) and TRU (Sha)

Yo didn't Kane use that?

Yeah but he didn't flip it like this though

Yo you know what you got to do though?
You got to set this motherfuckin track on fire though man

No doubt man this is me I'm sayin (a ight)
You know?

Yo so yo yo yo let me
Let me feel this shit and see what you gon' do with it

Oh! Aight yo, bust it, aiyyo
I'ma freak it like, yaknahmsayin?
Kinda like how he started it, but bust it yo, bust it

Ruff, rugged, and real, you love it, or feel
the shove of the steel in your ass, then at last
respect for certain, your neck was certain from the mic movements
Shit aroused, they be like, "You got a groovin hittin sound"
Casey Kasem, callin a truce, but fuck that
You crazy? Blaze him, slaughterin you with love taps
Well no prob the flow robbed you and your world
like when your girl's just my pal, bust my style
On my grill, sportin the illest bizarre smirk
I gave your girl some chloraseptic, cause yo she's a hard worker
You scarred her, but you ain't tryin to tangle with the force of
yellin, "Yo fuck you lookin at?" You're frontin like you crosseyed
Of course, why, you like breathin; with aggression
I strike, leavin this a question - in a session
comparison B, you're through, the ratio for workin shit
embarassin - me to you, fellatio to jerkin it (*Sha laughing*)

No doubt, like that YOU KNOW? (Yeah yeah!)
Then I'ma freak it, I'ma have this, yo
I'ma have this girl singin - "You wanna be startin" (Word?!)
like that joint, y'know, Michael word (Yeah!)
Yo, she she look like Mary with big tittes (Mmm, dang!)
That's my word yo
Yo Big, that's what I'm sayin

So yo you feelin this joint?

Yeah I'm feelin this shit

You don't sound enthused yo, what's the deal?

Yo yo no I'm feelin this shit man!

Whassup lace your man lemme just hear how your joint sound

Yo you know I don't do that shit no more son

C'mon son, this is me, your man

Yeah alright aight fuckit, for you I'ma do it (Aight no doubt)
Knahmsayin? Start up a little somethin like (yeah)

I have sound waves, that'll touch you in many places
While I 'rase your faces, even number traces in some places
Above Jordan, the list of the twisted
My mind's enlisted, I guess that's why I'm sadistic
Cause you don't know the shit you been startin
My heart done heartened, ready to put the WORLD on a milk carton
Fuckit, no one else deserve to live
I done gave all I got to give and still ain't got shit (What?)
So who mad? You grab and ransom
And I'ma pierce his soul and touch the heart of his grandson (oh shit!)
Cause my lyrics are like being food poisonin injected through the ear
Fuck what you heard, this is what you need to hear

KnowhatI'msayin? A little somethin like that

What?! Yo you still got it old-timer!

Yo good lookin, good lookin new-school

You know my stee', but you got it!
Word, no doubt

Yeah-hhh, aiyyo, yo aiyyo son
Yo 'po-nine (dang)
Yo son behind you, yo slow down son
Slow down son..

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