words from the b-side, see though
the eyes of another
one way down, one way down
you're high on a wind wave that don't know jack shit
about what it means
you're all beat down like a dog on a leash
chasing things that don't move but are never in reach
sit down, lose your mind til it thinks right
someday your skin turns blue

when will you realize that the nigger you hate
is your brother?
one way down, one way down
surprised that I talk like that?
you ain't seen jack
look what's happened to me, I'm all fucked up and it's
easy to see what you mean
turn three hundred and sixty degrees
someday your skin turns blue

I'm not gonna theorize, you break the chains
or you'll smother
it's the sign of a self-made man,
it all comes back
look who's always so down, you can't get up with your
knees on the ground, looking round
trying hard for an easy way out, that's right
hold your breath if you like but don't cry
when your skin turns blue

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