From [email protected] Thu May 8 14:16:32 1997
Date: Sat, 26 Apr 97 22:55:18 CST
From: Ben Weiss
To: [email protected]
Subject: CRD: Paula Cole, "Watch the Woman's Hands"
Saw Paula in concert tonight (amazing!!!) and made sure to watch for
That little arpeggio. The verses are basically one chord shape that
Slides between frets, and the picking pattern is pretty self-evident.
I didn't get the fills, but the verse riff works fine for bridging.
Words and music: Paula Cole
Album: _Harbinger_
F#9 = 242324
E9 = 020102
G9 = 353435
A9 = 575657
Em = 022000
Gadd9 = 300203
INTRO: F#9 E9 G9 A9
F#9 E9
Watch the woman's hands as she cultivates the land
G9 A9 (repeat same chords through verses)
As she plants the seed, as she's on her knees
Watch her fingers smile as she holds the little child
As she holds him, as she holds him
Watch the woman's hands as she holds her children back
From the danger, from the danger
Watch how they fight to keep the family tight
Together, together
Em Gadd9
CHORUS: Oh we need her, oh we need her
Em Gadd9
Oh we need her, oh we need her
Watch the woman's hands as she talks to the man
As he talks down to her, as he tells her
He doesn't understand, he doesn't see the fisted hand
Clenching tightly, angrily

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