A F#m
Did I ever take you in my arms,
C#m D9
look you in the eye, tell you that I do?
Did I ever could open up my heart,
and let you look inside?

E A F#m
If I never did it, I was only waiting
Esus4-E A
for a better moment that didn't come.
E A F#m
There never could be a better moment
than this one, this one.

The swan is gliding above the ocean,
a god is riding upon his back.
How calm the water and bright the rainbow
fade this one to black.

Did I ever touch you on the cheek,
say that you were mine, thank you for the smile?
Did I ever knock upon your door
and try to get inside?

If I never did it,...

The swan is gliding...

D E A F#m
What opportunities did we allow to flow by
feeling like the timing wasn't quite right?
D E A F#m
What king of magic might have worked if we stayed calm,
couldn't I have given you a better life?

Did you ever take me in your arms,
look me in the eye, tell me that you do?
Did I ever open up my heart,
let you look inside?

If I never did it,...

The swan is gliding (The swan is gliding)
above the ocean (above the ocean),
a god is riding (a god is riding)
upon his back (Oh).
How calm the water (How calm the water)
and bright the rainbow (bright the rainbow)
fade this swan to black.

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