E7 A7 E7
My love don't give me presents.
A7 E7
I know that she's no peasent,
only ever has to give me love forever and forever,
E7 A7 E7
my love don't give me presents,
turn me on when I get lonely,
A7 E7
people tell me that she's only foolin',
A7 E7 B7
I know she isn't.

She don't give boys the eye,
she hates to see me cry,
she is happy just to hear me say that I will never leave her.
She don't give boys the eye,
she will never make me jealous,
gives me all her time as well as lovin',
don't ask me why.

G#m C#
She's a woman who understand.
G#m A B
She's a woman who loves her man.

My love don't give me presents...

She's a woman who...

My love don't give...

She's a woman, she's a woman, she's a woman...

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