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Biker like an Icon (McCartney)

Em7 A Em7 A
Em7 A
There was girl who loved a biker
Em7 A
she used to follow him across America
Em7 A Em7 A
But the biker didn't like her.

She didn't care, she still persisted
though her brother said she was twisted
and the family said they wouldn't miss her

C9 C
She loved the biker like an icon
Am9 B7 Em7 A
gazing at his picture everyday.
C9 C
She loved the biker like an icon
Am9 B7 Em7 A
slowly watching precious water drip away.

She did her best to fix a meeting
she pulled it off one night in Hollywood.
When he met her he couldn't let her get away.

She didn't ask for her permission
he took advantage of her position.
But he was always her ambition anyway.

She loved the biker ...

The family tried so hard to find her
they showed her picture across America.
But no trace of her sweet face was ever found.

She loved the biker ...

C9: Am9:

E 0-|---|---|---|-- 0-|---|---|---|--|
H -|---|---|-0-|-- 0-|---|---|---|--|
G 0-|---|---|---|-- -|---|-0-|---|--|
D -|---|-0-|---|-- -|---|-0-|---|--|
A -|---|---|-0-|-- 0-|---|---|---|--|
E x-|---|---|---|-- x-|---|---|---|--|

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