I am in shock! You have no sections for Pasty Cline in your sites database, she
has been an amazing insperation to me, one of the reasons I took such an extream
interest in music when I was a small child ... please include her :(
Offical Site is as follows www.patsycline.com
******************Chords included are [F][C7][C][D][Cm7][Bb]******************
..... I Fall To Peices - Patsy Cline .....
==Verse One==
[F]I Fall To [C7]Pieces [C][D]
[Bb]Each time I [C7]see you [F[agian [C7]
[F]I Fall To [C7]Pieces [C][D]
[Bb]How can I [C7]be just your [F]friend
[C7]You want me to act like we've [Bb]never kissed
You [C7]want me to forget pretend we've [F]never met
[Cm7]And [F7]I've [Bb]tried and I've [Cm7]tried
but I [F]havent yet
[Cm7]You [F7]walk [Bb]by and [C7]I fall to [F]peices
==Verse Two==
[F]I Fall To [C7]Pieces [C][D]
[Bb]Each time I [C7]someone speaks [F]your name [C7]
[F]I Fall To [C7]Pieces [C][D]
[Bb]Time only [C7]adds to the [F]flame
[C7]You tell me to find someone [Bb]else to love
Someone[C7]who'll love me too the way you [F]used to do
[Cm7]But [F7]each [Bb]time I go [Cm7]go out
With [F]someone new
[Cm7]You [F7]walk [Bb]by and [C7]I fall to [F]peices [C7]
==The End==
*** This is the way I play it, Im sure there are many other versions, so I do not
claim this to be perfect by any means, however it works for me :) [email protected] & LuV ~STC Kittin***

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