take a letter ma'am
i really am
sorry but i don't think that i can
sit around and be the aim of all your stupid jokes and games
i'm not the one who's being vain i'm not your stepping stone or
cane i'm not the one who has to change, i shouldn't have to rearrange,
i'm not the one to take the blame, i'm glad this day has finally came

has finally came

you and i have grown apart with time,
try to think but there ain't no reason why,
let's bring this one back to the start,
try to find out where we fell apart

(oh yeah... yeah thats the one)

you don't care, so i don't care and none of this was ever fair,
you always seemed to tear and tear peices of my heart and there is
nothing left here to compare you never seemed to want to share you
ruined this beyond repair
don't look at me with that blind stare

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