The first time he saw her she was out among the crowds
She was sitting at the tablepouring beer from a spout.
He catches her eye from across the bar
He wouldn’t even bring himself to go that far.

What comes around goes around or so they say
When will we meet on another day.
What comes around goes around don’t they say
This could have happened on any other day.

The next time he saw her she was dancing by his side
The band was driving and they were along for the ride.
He bought her a beer and didn’t think about why
It was fateful night that they realized why.

Now he pulls up to her doorstep he can’t believe his eyesshe’s
Standing in the middle with his heart right inside.
And he tells her he loves her before they even tough
It’s been far too long though it don’t seem that much.

She flies down to see himand he’s waiting at the gate
They led seperate livescould this have been fate?
She comes through the doorwaywith bags in her hand
Her eyes search the waiting crowds just to find her man.

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