Here I am out in the haze
Can hardly tell the night from day
It's time for me to move on
You won't belieme me anyway
And it's realli not for me to say
It's bothered me for so long
What's wrong

Is that the price for love today
I can't afford to live this way
I'll probably just get burned
The urge I cannot seem to fight
I'm really gonna fall tonight
I guess I'm not that concerned
I'll learn

Don't you try
Can I buy your
Love tonight
I'm not heading down that
Road this time
Can I find your love
Where can I find your love

Tell me how I'm supposed to live
I don't know how much more to give
When will I ever learn
Here we are alone tonight
It's a shady time of wrong and right
I guess we're not that concerned
We'll learn

I won't tell anybody
We'll have to hide
and leave it all behind

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