As I lay here in bed, your smile fills my head
And I'm using this pen to talk to you, from a southern way.
It's been weeks since I've seen you last
Time away from you Ain't movin too fast
Wishin my summer away, just to see you again
I'm there by your side, Looking in your eyes
Seeing you with me, what else could there be
If I could get away, I would be there today
You'd be wearing that smile, Haven't Seen For Awhile
I wake up everyday, go through the same routine
Go to work, come home, what does it all really mean?
Check the mail just hoping to find,
another note from you would ease my mind
It's 5:15 I can picture you driving home from your same old scene,
In 5 you'll hear the phone ringing,
we'll have to settle for talking again
I can picture you now,
you're standing outside your house
The breeze is blowin' off the northern shore,
now I'm loving you more
I long for the days when there's no goodbyes
Wish I could see you wipe the tears from your eyes
Tell you everything is allright,
lay you down, say to you goodnight

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