It's a cold world that we live in, all the people say
That this world is gettin' colder day by day
Too little warmth left in our lives

(I don't know) I don't know if what the people say is true
But I noticed there's a change in you, too little warmth left in your eyes

I am freezing, no love in the Ice Age, whoa-oh whoa-oh
I am freezing, there's no love in the Ice Age, whoa-oh whoa-oh-oh

There is friction without fire when the passion's spent
As we shiver in the winter of our discontent, so little love left in our lives

(Now we stand) now we're standing in the shadows of a fading sun
Words like weapons, the cold war touches everyone
So little love left in our eyes


Feeling the chill that comes with the pain, love in the Ice Age



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