there is war going on] and it gone stop
the federal duilding that what they try to pop
this wead got me going] mine wasted but still
flowing ]not noing is we gonna die tonight]
and if I do all my enimes die on the sight]
so if die] lord bless me I at got no friend] mama
raise me to be thug ready to kill]am to ill for
yaul little sucker granade tossy never lossing
bussing all yaul duster get brain is nothing]
Mandatory but I'm still living]may god bless the undead
when my lord cripping]cripping in black] my dog will never
we bussing with gack] give me like one more year and I'm
gone stay on the map] now this is the end of my battle
war without end] I kill all my weak enimes now they streaming
all damn]but I'm still coming 45 is still ducking]when that inferred lock
that a whole click warnning]so if at ready for the this clip than
keep your month close]cause my soulder we ready to scope

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