Next up, its the boss from the home of the brave
down here chillin with E-40 cause its time to get paid(huh)
actin a fool(uh Huh), cause yaw know how Imma do
she fucked me, Pimp C, and Short too
I drinks no brew, its Remy(its Remy), that special kind
don't fuck with who(come on), my nigga you out yo' mind
fresh off the grind(uh huh), my niggas is the killa(what?)
actin a fool about this muthafuckin scrilla
no one no trilla(come on), whateva I'm down with
go grab my leather and get into some gangsta shit
so if its cool, its cool
but just that quick(nigga), I act a fool

Doin' the fool
ain't no love muthafucka, we breakin the rules
Doin' the fool(come on, okay-okay)
niggas like me ain't got nothin to lose
Doin' the fool
we serving you hatas straight off the top
Doin' the fool(come on, okay-okay)
just to let you know this shit don't stop

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