victor would

Am Em Dm G Am
i blamed u 4 being what u r
Em Dm G Am
i blamed u 4 what im going thru right now
Em Dm G Am
im sorry if these words dont come out right
Em Dm G
im sorry now that i know that im the 1 2 blame

C Em Dm
i did everything i could just 2 make u say i would
do anything 4 u
C Em
and i want 2 say ur mine
but u came 2 me just fine
u threw it all away

(do stanza chords)
i open my eyes while dreamin
and my visions of u start fading
i pray that u you wouldn't stop believing
w8 up cos my horizons r changing

E - D
A - G - C - G (2x); repeat
F - G (2x)

C Em
so u bring the facts of life 2 me
and u hope to make me see
everything's gonna be alright
now i tell u what i realized
part of me is confused and paralyzed
Dm G
with the feelings i get from u

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