1st verse Wake up in a cold sweat
Nightmares buzzing at my brain
No one beside me
Gotta be a better way

Slip into the dark of night
Looking for the morning light

2nd verse Walking down the cold streets
Bad wind whipping in my face
Deep down inside me
L hear a voise call out my name

See the first hint of the light
Getting closer all the time
L feel it i feel it

Chorus: Come to me tomorrow
Silent city morning
Flying to tomorrow
No more esterday
L'm alive tomorrow
Silent city morning
L can see tomorrow
Burning in my eyes

3rd verse Pull the callous off my heart
Rip the blinders off my mind
Swim to the surface
Leave it all leave it all behind

Step across the borderline
Light is flooding in my eyes
L see it I see it


B part: l got no one to biame
A doctor can't relieve this pain
L gotta make my tracks
Without looking back
Let the nightmares Fade away


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