The bottle of wine, it is empty
Weґve been drinking and loving a lot
He looks at me, as if to say:
Why donґt you stay?

When sheґs talking to me in her gentle voice
I get a strange kind of feeling inside
If i should ask: „do you want to stay?“
What would she say

What would you do if i kissed you
What would you do if i turned off the light
What would you say if i should ask you
Will you stay for the night; Iґll stay for the night

Heґs taking my hand and he whispers
„youґre looking wonderful tonight!“
When i hold your hand, i undersand this feeling inside

Iґd like to know more about her
When she smiles thereґs a look in her eyes
Iґd like to be the one to see behind her mystery

What would you do...

The morning has broken
The windows are open
The sun shines into our room
I open my eyes and i soon realize
The one i need is here by my side

What would you do...

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