Verse: H5,C5,E5,F#5
Pre-chorus: C5,A5,H5,H5
Chorus: C5,A5,H5,H5

Verse 1:
when i see her eyes
look into my eyes
then i realize that
she could see inside my head
so i close my eyes
thinking that i could hide
disassociate so i don´t have to lose my head
this situation leads to agitation
will she cut me off?
will this be amputation?

i don´t know if i care
i´m the jerk
life´s not fair

fighting all the time
this is out of line
she loves me not
do you realize I won´t compromise
she loves me not

Chorus 2:
over the past five years
i have shed my tears
i have drank my beers and watched my fears fly away
until this day
she still swings my way
but it´s sad to say sometimes
she says she loves me not
i hesitate
to tell her i hate
this relationship
i want out today
this is over


Verse 3:
line for line
rhyme for rhyme
sometimes we be fightin´ all the goddamn time -it´s making me sick
relationship is getting ill
piss drunk stupid
on the real
could you feel what I feel
what´s the deal girl
we´re tearing up each other´s world
we should be in harmony
boy and girl
that is the promise we made
back in the day
we told each other things wouldn´t be this way
i think we should work this out
it´s all right baby we can scream and shout

life´s not fair

i´m the jerk

she loves me not

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