My words are weapons in which I murder you with please dont be scared, please do not turn your head. we r the future the 21st century, dislexic, glue sniffing, cyber sluts. we are insane, nothing will change, we are insane. nothin will change.
There is a thin line between what is good and what is evil. well i will tiptoe down that line but i will feel unstable. my life is a circus and i am trippin down that typerope. there is nothin to save me now.

So i will not look down.
I speak of madness my heart and soul. i cry 4 people who aint got control. lets take our anity lets take compassion and be responsable for every action. hell no, no way, now way, no way, no way, no how. no way, no how.

I'm fallin to the ground, fallin to the ground all the way down.


So, i will not look down

Im fallin to the ground, all the way down, hit then im dead.

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