Life's been sucked out of me
And this routine's killing me
I did it to myself, I said it would not be
Somebody put me out of my misery
Expression, stimulation hallow sense of myself
I did it to myself again
Somebody put my in my place

Never enough, never enough
Do I deserve what I got

Now everything's okay,
There's nothing wrong with me
I'd say in every way
Somebody kick me in the face
Now something's wrong with me
I'm bleeding profusely and
Now this seems natural to me
If I fuck up everyday
Somebody put me in my place


I feel as if I'm running back to where I started
You ask what's wrong with me
And I say nothing
Is everything ok? Is something with me
Pushing and pulling feelings eternal
My heart is yours I feel as if I'm running
Life will knock me down


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