A smack on the wrists is the words from the mouthOf the outsiders, lawyers, policeA small price to pay for the dope and the gunsAnd the rape, it should all be O.K.Your father is rich, he's the judge, he's the man,He's the God that got your sentence reducedBut in the back of his mind, he well knows whatHe'd find if he looked a little deeper in you - in you
Chorus:Drag the waters some moreLike never before
Sweet is the slice and the lips - you're gonna haveThat woman - she is your favorite layPromised you (swore) that no one had been there,And she was going to keep it that wayLet it move in, you got thin, and got high, andYour money went and so did your friendsBut she's by your side, and her smile cannot hideThe premonition of the beckoning end - the end
In with it, out with it

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