So much to say so little time for me to explain the way i feel
You only see things the way you want to see them
It makes sence to you all these things you do
You go it al figured out while everyone's confused
How do you do it?
In your mind i'm just blind
You're right all of the time
If i think for myself, i guess i'm way out of line
I'm now who you are
I'm so sorry

I can't do anything right
You don't know me, stay out of my life
Kick me while i'm down, i want you to
I can't be like you
Don't want to be lke you

No matter what i do it's never good enough
I give all that is me; still is never enough
So, why try? i give up
What does it feel like to be in your shoes
And walk over everyone like you do?
Tear me down again, i want you to
You're lovely, so beautiful
You're perficet in everyway
Your interior rusted. i'm so disgusted
Can't trust it
You're busted


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