[Featuring Carl Thomas]
Sometimes I think about dyin
Yeahhh haaa
Unfortunately I'm seein a lot of death in my life
I seen a lot of friends die
I seen a lot of family members die
If I should diiiiie tonight
When I think about dyin I think about
Won't it be alllll before my time?
A sense of release
Just released from all the pressures
I know dyin sugar yeah
And all the negativity
Cause, I know you
I also think about, finally, gettin a chance to see
All the loves ones again
If, I, should, diiiiie tonight
That left before me
That'll be kinda fly
Won't, it be, alllll, before my ti-me
Walk through the gates, see my grandmother
See BIG, see God, heh
I know dyin, sugar yeah
Shit is crazy
Because I know you, know youuuu
I never been afraid to die
If I should, diiiiie tonight
But I know I don't wanna die
Not just yet anyway
Won't it be, alllll before, my time?
Feel like I got a lot more livin to do
I know dyin, sugar yeahhhhaeahhh
Lot of unfinished business
Cause I know, you, ohhhhh
If I, should die, tonight ba-by
We'll see
Won't it be far before my time?
I know dyin
What does it all mean?
Sugar yeah
Sugar yeah
What does it all mean?
*music fades*
I don't wanna die...

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