(Puff) Huh..
(Mase) Yo turn me up in the headphones
(Puff) Like that?
(Mase) Yeah
(Puff) Bad Boy... We ain't goin stop

Now its SEAN on the hot track
Melt like its hot wax
Put it out all the stores
Bet you could SHOUT that
EVEN a NIGGA with a hot hat
Frontin like Bad Boy AINT got tracks
(Nigga stop that)
There's no guy slicker than this young fly NIGGA
Nickel-Nine LIQUOR THOUGHT YOUD die quicker
This PHAT time I THA town pie flipper
Turn KRYSTAL into a Crooked Ides sipper
Everybody want to be fast.. see the cash
Get a heat rash
Anything IN Bad Boy way we smash
Hundred G STASH
PUSH A bulletproof E-CLASS
Im through being a player and a baller
Just WANT me one bad BITCH so I can SPOIL her
Mase wanna be the one respect
Rock Versace silks over STILL V-NECKS
Got green never seen
So you suck my jewels
Clutch my ooze
Anything I touch I bruise
Nigga fuck your rules (That's right)
Goodfellas.. you know you can't touch US TWO

Don't push us
Cuz were close to the.. edge
Were tryin not to lose our head
Uh HAH HAH...HAH HAH.. hah

I get the feelin sometimes they make me wonder
Why you wanna take us under
Why you wanna take us under

Can't nobody take my pride
Can't nobody hold me down.. Oh no
I got to keep on movin

Broken glass.. everywhere
If it ain't about the money Puff I just don't
Im that goodfella fly guy
Sometimes wiseguy
Mase could you please stop smokin la la
Puff why try.. Im a thug.. Im a die high
I be out in Jersey puffin hershey
Brothers ain't worthy to rock my derby
No Im never drugged honey when Im in the club G
THOUGH I know the thug be wantin to slug me
Could it be I move as smoove as Bugsy
Or be at the bar with too much bubbly
NAW I think it must be the girls want to lust me
Or is it simply the girls just love me
(Brothers wanna)
Rock my Rolls
Rock my clothes
Rock my ice
Pull out glocks
Stop my life
Im like damn how these niggas got the TYPE
Used to be my man how you gonna plot on my wife
Do you think you snake me.. cuz they hate me
Or you got a phD
Player haters degree


Quit that..
You a big cat..
Where your chicks at..
Where your whips at..
Wherever you get stacks Im a fix that
Everything mass big dreams.. I did that
Don't knock me cuz your borin
OUR RECORD SALES soarin.. straight TORIN
Simply a lot of men be wantin to hand me
Cuz their words just don't offend me
We spend cheese.. In the West Indies
And come home to plenty cream BENTLYS
You name it.. I can claim it
Young black and famous
Wit' money hangin out THE anus
And when you need a hit.. who you go and get
Bet against us.. NAW THATS NO bet
We made hits that'll rearrange your whole set
And I got a Benz that I ain't even drove yet


OUTRO: (Repeats and fades til end)
Can't nobody take my pride
Can't nobody hold me down.. Oh no
I got to keep on movin

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