(Verse 1: Andre 3000)

Many nights too far or long ago
when life was straight up and cars would move slow [move slow]
and you were cool if you were pigeon-toed
but things have changed [it's ain't so simple]
now life is a musical

I called big boi on the telephone [ring ring]
i said hey hold up fore we put out another song
say no matter do what goes down we stand strong
cause ain't nothin changed [it's simple]
hey lets make a musical

Based on Fict and Faction
no verse just sorrow and some action [action]
and you got us well to a fraction
cause things have changed [it's all hood]
the cast go hollywood


dont let em, dont let em, dont let em, dont let em
change us, change us, change us, change us
(repeat four times)

(Thanks to Dwayne for these lyrics)

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