[sticky fingaz]
Seem like the only thoughts would be negative
But shitI’d never giveI need a sedative
I’mma forever livethe one and onlymurderer
DefeatI never heard of that
Push ya headthrow the backgettin thatword to gat
The most coatablea number two of niggas when there’s a show to do
You know the true official nast niggasI blow a hole in you
I’m sellin tracks not cracksyou buyin or what?
Cuz I be in your crib right nowtyin you up
Corams jack ya houseput the gat to your spouse mouth
And clean the placekill the kidsdo they see my face?
It’s the cream I tastehe thinkin my waybe the race
We the mischief who raise the most hell
Onyx in the biblegenesis 2verse 12
And that’s the lifethat I lead
Niggas walk around town like they can’t bleed
So take thatwhere your heart is at
So take thatyeahwhat
Take that and that and that and that and that

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