[fredro starr]
The pussy onewho is he?
He ain’t gettin busyahI’m gettin pissy
I’m havin fill niggashout muthafuckas
Bringin 96 to freeze in decemberfuck all of y’all

[sticky fingaz]
Punk ass niggas make me fuckin sick
And I can’t take it no moregettin tired of this shit
If ya stupid ass muthafuckas don’t quit
I’m have a fitand ya gonna flip

Hardcore galore is what I’m for
And breakin punks jawslet me hear yea y’all (yea y’all)
I’m the kindthat’s swingin ya mind
Or play ittakin koand pluswit verbal hay makers
Connectionswhatever I’m flexin
Ain’t no questionpunksprepare for more stressin


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