My friends tell me im crazy,
They say that im strange,
They tell me ever since i met you ive changed
I must admitt its true and id go outta my way to do
Anything for you cause baby i want you to know
That ive gotten so close
And i need you to show me a sign
Because you and I cant afford to waste time
When its love thats on my mind
ChOruS: Every second, Every minute, Every HouR
Its you that ive been thinking of
'N every day,every week,Every month,Every year With you i wanna be in love
Cause i cant get enough
Always on my mind
Yes you are
I think about you all the time
I cant eat and I cant sleep I cant think
Cause all i think about is you
And how you make me feel inside
From every little thing that you do
Cause you put a smile on my face
Every time you embrace any place and pull my body close to you
But if only you knew all the things that I'd do
For your love I'd stay true
All i need is a little time and devotion
So that we can be livin' a life of love
For eternity
Cause I dont want to be alone
And my house would not be home
Without you here with me

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