You can't recall the name
But the tune is still the same
Life must be a game
So try to shift the blame
There's a better way to live
Receive what He has to give
The music is the voice
You've got to make your choice
It's a song in your ear
That you've been longing to hear
It's the words you want to know
And He'll be there to show
You that He cares
And He will help you out
You'll see His love
And know that there's no doubt
You've gone so long
Gone so long without...
His song in your heart
There's no reason why
Someone like you can't try
His sweet song of love
He sent you from above
Your cold heart He will break
Your sadness He will take
There's a reason in your mind
With the answers you must find
{Repeat Refrain and Chorus to end}

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