Off in the distance, hear church bells ring.
Now the raven spreads his wings.
Shadows of steel, once hiding in the gloom.
One man's blue moon.
The future is lost, payment for the crime.
There's no way out this time.
No sound from the gallows, no sound from the shadow star.
Only silence till morning, only silence till church bells toll.
No sound from the gallows.
The feel of the cold, of the stone below your feet.
Now your sorrow is complete.
Have your last meal, water and bread.
Now the last rites are read.
A nooseman approaches, take your last breath.
You are watched and don't care.
Up to the stairs, march till your warm.
Who will cry when your gone?
Bound hand and foot, the hood is in place.
Pray for God's only grace.
Off in the distance, hear the church bell ring.
Now the Angels will sing.

We are tomorrows warriors, marching in the street.
Metal mongers to the very end,
Metal music the power we defend.
Driving f

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