I am the bastard fallen from grace,
I am the nightmare your gonna meet face to face!
I am the hunter, killing is my game.
When you least expect me I might set you aflame.
I am the hunter, if you meet my price.
I will do the dirty deed on a human sacrifice.
All these years I've traveled, from the desert to the sea.
I am the man with the final plan to set your spirit free.
Cross my path in terror, mercy I've never tried.
I've given no fair warning to the uncounted who have died.
The battleaxe I'm weilding is favored to the gun.
Brass knuckles are a pleasure, there's only pieces when I'm done.
You'll never see me comin' yet you'll feel the pain.
Shadows hide my evil, I'm on the prowl again.
I am the hunter, assasin from days of old.
I hunt my bounty for silver and for gold.

Shadows repent, while your sleeping
the demon carsses your soul.
Dream not a place where you meet face to face,
with all of the fears that you

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