Ohh… ah, ha
Yeah… ah, ha… mmm

(Verse 1)
Makin’ love while the rain is fallin’
Touch me, gently
You know me, don’t care who’s watchin’
All day, all night, close your eyes & find my body
Whisper to me that you want it

Baby, baby
Heart be pounding when you near me
Feel so weak I need you wit’ me
When I think of sexy, I think of you

Wanna know can you keep it up
Cause tonight I’m fellin oh so sexy
In the mood for makin’ love
Wide open, look at how you got me
Can’t wait ‘til I get ya home
Need to feel your body wrapped around me
Gotta know can you keep it up
Cause tonight I’m feelin’ oh so sexy

(Verse 2)
Let go, let love, you want it so don’t try to fight it
It's just you, it’s just us, that’s the way I know you like it
Slowly, so deep, boy look what you up & started
Don’t you even think of stoppin’



(Bridge 2)
Just as soon as we hit the door
Our close are off & on the floor
I can’t help feelin' the way I do, about you
My neck, my back, I’m sick & red
Don’t think we'll make it to the bed
Can’t help it, I get off on you

(Chorus 3X)

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