We never really had the chance to let each other know
We never really had the time to let our feelings show
Small talk kept us goin', when the only words to say
Were "how I long to hold you", pride locked the words away

I never had the confidence to think that you could care
I never looked into your eyes to see if love was there
I talked it over with myself and silently agreed
Your heart was in a high place, unreachable to me

I waited too long for a sign from you, reached for a line that you never threw
Small talk and pride kept us from gettin' together
Now there's never a day you're not on my mind
Sayin' the words we could never find
Small talk and pride took you from my life forever

I'll never hold the cards again, to win I love so real
I know I'd gamble everything, but mistress Fate won't deal
I just have to be content to learn by my mistakes
Our hearts were just a breath away, now they're far enough to break


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