It's early in the morning, today I'm movin' away
Sittin' here for the last time, makes me feel so strange
My life here has ended, like a pulled-up [queen]
Don't play no sad songs, don't make me cry

The situation reminds me, when I went away to school
My friends they all called you, and said I'd been made a fool
My boyfriend he left me, for my best friend
Oh, don't play no sad songs, don't make me cry, 'cause

Sad songs are tearin' up my heart again
Loneliness is standing in my path again
I can feel it coming, I can hear it calling out my name

I don't wanna remember all I'm leavin' behind
The radio plays a sad song and brings it on
Loneliness surrounds me like clouds bring rain
Ah, don't play no sad songs, they'll make me cry, 'cause

(chorus repeats out...)

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