Looks like I'm the only one here, even the nurse is gone
But I guess I should wait, 'cos when she left, she said

The doctor won't be long, so make yourself at home
His office is down the hall
Why do I feel uneasy, I know he must be good
Got credentials all over the wall

I hear a voice behind me say: "What seems to be the trouble, my dear?
Won't you be kind enough to step overhere"

You're knocked with fever, you're knocked with flue, to ward you lady
I'll have to hold you overnight (observation), overnight (observation)
In my opinion all we can do, to ward you lady
I'll hold you overnight (observation), overnight (observation)

Please don't think me ungrateful
But holding me overnight seems a little extreme
D'ya always serve Martini's, and turn the lights down low
Doctor do your colleagues know?

Although you say it's good for me, I really don't feel like dancing now
Somebody's waiting, and I'm double parked anyhow


Well I may look stupid, but I'll tell you what, I've been around a long time
And I thought I had heard everything, I tell you they keep coming up with 'em
I just couldn't believe my ears when he said

"Take off your shoes, relax, my dear, slip into somethin' comfortable"
Two seconds flat, the doctor goin' down the hall

(chorus repeats out)

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