Two lovers watch the news, they've got more than love to lose
As they lay there under cover, do they really know each other

There's a whisper in the air, don't you feel a little scared?
The stakes are too high
Some have even lost a friend, and we're nowhere near the end
It doesn't help to moralize

The search is not the same now, more than just a game now, love and let live
It can thrill you - fulfil you, but lately it can kill you, love and let live
A little information's not too much to give
We've got to tell lovers how to love and let live

Do you think it over twice at the edge of paradise
If you're not really sure, use and ounce of prevention
'Cause there's still no cure

So you smile and say to me, 'it's not my responsibility'
You better change your attitude
Did you ask your lover who, who was there ahead of you?
You need to know the truth


I have found the one for me, we share our love exclusively
But we're all affected, 'cause we're all connected, we're a family

(Instrumental break)

(Love and let live, love and let live)
A little information's not too much to give, we've got to tell lovers

Chorus repeats out...

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