(Livin' in) Desperate Times
(Tom Snow/Barry Alfonso)

Never thought it would be so rough
And I wonder if I have enough
To keep from breaking down
No mercy in this town

Every day is just another test
Seems I'm always second best
But you learn along the way
That's the price you have to pay

I try to stay defiant, be tough and self-reliant
Though I get tired to the bone
Love is just a wish I keep inside
How's it gonna help me to survive?
Looks like I'm in this fight alone

And I'm livin' in desperate times
Being alive's my only crime
Don't care what I have to do
I'll find some way to make it through
Oh, and I'm livin' in desperate times
And it's too late to change my mind
Till these desperate times are done, gonna run
Watch me run

Innocents get taken in
By the promise of an easy win
They start off so naive
So eager to believe
But the glitter of the city lights
Only covers up a lonely night
Of strangers slamming doors
You're hungry and ignored

I've faced the competition
I've made the hard decisions
Will it be worth it in the end?
Taking any chance that comes along

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