I'm gonna go out tonight, gonna feel alright
If it tears me right in two, 'cause I just can't stay feeling this way
With a heart that's full of you
I'm gonna go right down to a part of town, where I've never been before
And in some small place, find a brand new face, and step out on the floor

And I'll be

Dancing 'round and 'round, and I'll be satisfied if I can just hold my ground
And if he helps me to keep your memory down, I'll be dancing 'round and 'round

Well you put some distance 'round you, I know I meant to see
There's a space inside for someone, but I know it isn't me
So among the boys who are searching, and the girls who hope they're found
If you look for me, I'm the one you see, who's dancing 'round and 'round

And I'll be... chorus

Come on music, wash my tears away, come on darkness, cover up the day


I'll be dancing 'round and 'round

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