No matter where you wanna go
You'll always know
Forever you and me
Everything to me
Oh it doesn't matter how far you are
You're always a part of my heart
I want you here with me
Right next to me
It's to be you and me for eternity
You can try to run away
From the love that we've been sharing
But baby ya know
You know I'm still here for ya lady
You can cross the seven seas
You still mean everything to me
Baby you know
You know, I'm still here for ya lady
Even though you've been hurt sometime
When ya get a little down baby
I'm here to give ya what ya need
Baby, if ya just call me
You can try to hide how ya feel
But it won't change a thang
You should know me by now
I won't let ya down
I'm here for ya baby
And I'll always be around
Chorus 2Xs
Baby if ya ran away
You can always come back to me
I promise I'll be here for you
Baby, just me and you
Baby, keep your trust in me
I'll give you all the love ya need
I'll never walk away from you
Do what you want me to
Repeat Chorus 2Xs

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