No one can love ya girl
As much as I do
No one can hold you
The way that I do
And girl without you
Here by my side
There's no way I'd continue to carry out
This life that I live
Before you go
Just let me say to you
That I still care for you
And I'll do anything
To let you know
I'm still in love with you
Baby don't let this chance slip away
I never thought that I
Would see the day
That you would feel for me
To walk away
So girl lemme say that
I apologize
For all of the wrong
That I've done to
You're all that I've got
Chorus 1X
I'll give you three reasons why
Why I can't let ya go
One, I still love you
Two, I still need you
Three, I can't let ya go
Oh, no I just can't let ya go
No, go, go, can't let ya go
Repeat Chorus 4Xs

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