I wanna thank Rick James 4 lettin' me do this song.-- Thank you very much!

Verse 1:

Who are you (echo)
Girl who do u belong 2
My point of veiw is
Girl i think your hot
If we talk, what words will i describe
Theres no (diction?)to explain how u look, cuz i think your hot

Sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy

Cold blooded,
Girl i think your hot
Sexy, sexy, sexy
Cold blooded,

Who are u? girl whats your name and number?!
Is it true? girl u think i'm hot?!
If we try, 2 get 2 know each other, u might find, u couldn't trade me for another. Cuz i think your so
Sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy (sexy babe)

Cold blooded, and i think u know
Sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy
Cold blooded

Swing hard baby
Touch me girl wherei wanna be touched
Dont ever complain cobra cutz, love me tender, love me sweet. I wanna bust this nut in a super freak... oh u's a supa freak
Queen skip anotha doin' doin' a dare
I wanna undress and hold ya loosy tight
And i wont cum alll niiight

Cold blooded, cuz i think ur hot
Cold blooded--yeaah, cuz i think your hot (sexy, sexy, sexy) Cold (uh-hu) blooded babe, cuz i think your hotttt
(hot) cold blooded

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