Driving fast and ditching schoolbreaking all the precious rules.
It’s too hardto make a living.
I need a kickI need a girl so badly I could scream.
I’m sick of watching people on t.v.

I feel the windin my face
I need a car at the start of the race
I need a highway and a beer
If I don’t stop now there’s plenty to fear

Hold me backoh won’t you hold me back
I can get violent any time
Hold me backI feel another attack
Brewing deep inside
Hold me backoh won’t you hold me back.
Hold me backoh won’t you hold me back
Hold me back

Teacher doesn’t understand
Just how dangerous I am.
I need a breakfrom the world
Now more than everI need it good
I need something I can taste
And a vacation from the human race

I need moneyI need it bad
If I don’t have itI get mad
If I get mad I do such terrible things
I get real crazy and I make girls scream.

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