I’ll tell you ’bout a caveman lived a million years ago
When mother earth was young and dinosaurs walked to and fro
His skull contained but half a brain but he didn’t mind at all
He’s a hot shot cavemanyah do dah (? )
Who loved to fight and brawl

He walked the misty plate in time to find whatever he could find
Then at last he saw her therecovered with hair
A cavegirl looking right his wayhalf nakedhalf well who can say
Such a thing he’d never seen beforewell then need I tell you more
The caveman fell in lovelovelove
And so he wielded his club

Oooh oooh what could he do?
You can’t blame a fellow for trying his luck
He’s just a simple caveman who wanted to---
Well when the cavegirl came around she had some things to relate
About the methods he used to communicate
And she said--

(female spoken)
I never expected a caveman to exhibit much finesse
But a fifty pound club ain’t exactly a caress
So if you want to call meyou better learn to talk
Until you learn some manners buddy
Take a walk!

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