Said I, I want you to know
There's something about you
That I can stand

I, I'll never call you again
Let me pull it out
While you got no friends

Break it down, James Brown
Oh, Break it down,
Oh, James brown

Wake me up,
Wipe the sleep from my eye
Should've seen me last night
I would've made you cry

Take, Take away food
You take away everything
You take away my mood

C'mon, We spend free nights
On top of the hill
Oh, It was all you could eat
Until you had your fill

Well see, I don't even know if I can take it much longer
YOu got the right reasons to make me feel stronger
'Cause, I'm just a boy, you're just a girl,
C'mon baby, Let's rock this world!!

Salmon, yeah, salmon swims upstream
Oh, you know what I mean
That's what I'm lead to believe


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