This is what we wanna do
it's a kick to see this music gets to you
it's a crazy industry but so damn free
there's a lot of kids around
who always have to judge commercial sound
it's the same as they judge our music you see
in '94 the crowd jumped around
in '95 punk hits the charts
in '96 it would be dead people told me
you can't stop us!
'97,'98,'99 man who cares
to us this music's fine, don't stop
you can't stop us!
if it's not o.k. with you
we like other kinds of music too
then man go find out what music's all about
most of the critics refuse to listen good to this
'cause it's done before
oh my god, music can't be new anymore
When we play you see we feel fucking free
and jump like bruce lee, our fatality
so just let us be where we wanna be
don't discuss this shit with me.

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