We all have our reasons why
Why we're living and then die
Who are we where are we from
Where are we going?
Some people think they know the way
Tell you how good it is to pray
Lots of folk read koran, some the bible,
What can i say ?
It's their rules I won't obey, live from day to day.
Search yourself for a reason
Call it god, allah, or zen or maybe choas
I know now that there's Questions in everyone
Search yourself for a reason.
Is there someone who holds the key?
If so then give it to me
I'd throw that shit away
Cause our locks differ you see
Facing changes constantly, we'll not agree
Search yourself for a reason
You yourself are the one you just can't live without
Yet he's the one main source of pain and doubt
Search yourself for a reason
Still don't think I'm much help but I'll still sing
Could you look for something worth believing in
we all start at A to go to B but where is that?
Itchaca is dead
The meaning of live is living
Life's the road and the and the destination, that's it
One world at a time please.
We'll see the rest when we're on the summit
Seek the truth where you are
Where else would you find it
Find the reasons in this shit

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