Drive home kinda late kinde tired too.
Had fun just like last time.
The road is clear we're goin' fast we're doin' fine.
Always dreamed of these days as a little kid.
I reached it with my friends.
It's kinda normal now but still i know it's
what i worked on hard so now it's what i get!
I play, it keeps me alive
'cause i was born with this just to survive.
And i just begun, i'll cary on,
yeah i continue 'till its no more fun.
It's just where i belong.
Hey there's more and i know that i need it too.
But how could i survive without the stage,
the music, man i need this life.
So if my arms ever get chopped off,
and i can play no more
then promise me you kill me fast
unless you give me hooks
so i still can do what i am for.
I play, it keeps me alive......

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